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Please Help Us Raise Funds for Our New Mission Center

Dear friends!

On behalf of Slovak Mission (SM) and all its members, our non-profit organization Slovak Mission in Chicago is seeking your support to purchase a property for its new mission center located in Palos Hills, IL. After an extensive effort of the Mission and the Slovak community, we still need your help to reach our fundraising goal and make Slovak Mission Center a reality. Please help us to achieve this goal by donating today.

Who we are?

Slovak Mission is a non-profit organization. It is a community of people who are united by origin, our Slovak homeland, and the Catholic faith. SM members are mostly born Slovaks, their descendants, and their closest relatives.

What is our mission?

The gift of the Catholic faith, which we have received from our Slavic forerunners St. Cyril and Methodius, we want to live here, too, albeit far from our homeland.

  • The Slovak celebration of the Holy Mass, and the preparation and receiving of the sacraments.

  • The Education and catechesis of children are the spiritual mission of our SM. Our Slovak Catholic priest is the pastor and administrator of the SM.

  • The Slovak native people founded the Slovak School (Slovak Academy of Chicago), whose task is to teach children and adults (second and third generation of Slovaks) in our native Slovak language.

  • The richness of Slovak culture is hidden in our traditions and customs, songs and dances, and our traditional cuisine. For this purpose, in cooperation with cultural organizations (Veselica Slovak Cultural Organization Chicago), we organize various cultural events, which should help not only to maintain these customs but also to create healthy interpersonal relationships that help build a healthy society.

What is our goal?

At present, our SM has no place or properties of its own. Our goal is to have our own Slovak Mission Center, which will fulfill this mission. At present, to be able to accomplish this mission at least partially, we temporarily rent various locations for the church, and school, as well as for various traditional events.

The appeal!

Currently, we are in the process of buying a center that would be convenient for our community. It is in a good location and easily accessible.

The property satisfies everything our Slovak Mission needs: a church, space for school and catechesis, parking, a garden, and a gym for various cultural and leisure activities for children, youth, and adults.

Address of the Property for Slovak Mission Center

9855 S Kean Avenue

Palos Hills, Illinois 60465

Description of the property

The property consists of two brick buildings that are used as a place of worship and contain a cumulative floor area of over 12,690 square feet divided between the two buildings and a single-family home located along the front of the property. The site is located on a 220,427-square-foot or 5.06-acre parcel. An interior and exterior inspection of the subject property and a thorough survey and analysis were conducted to determine the subject property's market value. (See pictures below.)

Together with the Slovak community, we managed to raise 1 200 000 USD (part of the funds is an interest-free loan from our members). Another part of the funds is still missing. That is why we turn to you with this humble appeal for support and generous donations.

How can I donate?

  • Write a check to "Slovak Mission" and send it to our address at Slovak Mission, 9415 Rochester Ave, Brookfield, IL 60513

  • By direct transfer to our account - account information: Slovak Mission, Bank: POLISH & SLAVIC FCU

Bank Address: 100 McGuinness Boulevard, Brooklyn, New York 11222

Account Number: 3050015047821 | SWIFT #: PSFCUS33

  • In-person: each week the Slovak Mission offers Holy Mass for its benefactors at 9415 Rochester Ave, Brookfield, IL 60513

  • Via GoFundMe at

Our goal is to complete the fundraiser by the end of May 2023.

We make this sincere request and ask you to support our efforts and this work. Your support is greatly appreciated and we thank you in advance for considering, supporting, and contributing to continuing God's mission.

Please contact us if you want to learn more about Slovak Mission's activities or have any questions. May God reward your generosity!

With gratitude,

The Leadership of the Slovak Mission.

Rev. Stanislav Bindas, CM

Slovak Mission Administrator

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